- RRP - £135

- KDM - £125


- The Samson MixPad MXP124FX is a highly portable and versatile 12-input analog stereo mixer. Its compact design and vast selection of features make it one of the most flexible and powerful compact mixers in its class. Loaded with one hundred 24-bit low noise studio-inspired digital effects, as well as Samson's Maximum Dynamic Range (MDR) mic preamps, the MXP124FX provides you with the tools and sound quality you need to sculpt a truly professional sound.


- Four MDR mic channels and four stacked stereo channels make up the MXP124FX's intuitive channel configuration to deliver excellent input versatility, whilst the Main Mix, Mix 2, Headphones, and Tape Outputs ensure a wide selection of output options for your mixes. Single-knob compression, 3-band EQs, Gain trim controls, high-pass filters, and pre-fader Aux sends ensure the absolute best sonic clarity no matter what the situation may be.


Features & Specifications:

  • Ultra-low noise analog mixer with high headroom
  • Four Class A, MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps with 3-band equalisation
  • Four stacked stereo channels
  • High-quality precision faders and controls
  • High-integrity bi-directional USB interface
  • One hundred 24-bit low-noise digital effects
  • One pre-fader Aux Send per channel for the monitor mix
  • All microphone channels are equipped with input gain and high-pass filters
  • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Multiple outputs consisting of Main Mix, Mix 2, Headphones, and Tape
  • USB/Tape inputs are assignable to the Main Mix or Mix 2/Headphones outputs

Samson MixPad MXP124FX Mixing Desk


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