- The MT 15 - the Alter Bridge and Creed hero's first signature amp - is a 'commanding' two channel lunchbox powered by 6L6 tubes, designed very much with heavier players in mind - though PRS are adamant it has a lot to offer players of all genres.


- Mark Tremonti has a long and colourful history of working with PRS; with numerous signature models over the years, he's becoming something of an informal brand ambassador. Now they've taken their working relationship to the next level with the release of the MT15 - an incredible lunchbox amp that combines the aggression, articulation and precision of Tremonti's sound in spectacular fashion!


- The MT15 was designed to satisfy the darkest desires of hard rock and metal players, with a gain channel that that delivers a sizeable, punchy sound while retaining perfect definition. This is Tremonti's first signature amp, so both him and PRS have made sure that it'll make your chugging rhythms smack and your leads soar like never before. Despite this, the clean channel has been carefully tweaked to have a bright bell-like resonance, ideal for plucking, strumming and ambient playing alike. Regardless of the tone you choose, the MT15 will remain balanced and responsive - uncompromising!


- PRS have been kind enough to arm this nifty unit with a few secret weapons too; the clean channel features a push/pull boost control that pushes the sound into crispy, biting blues territory. You've also got separate EQ controls for both channels, allowing you to truly hone in on the sound of your choice! As well as this, you've got an FX loop, bias adjusters and power attenuation (15W to 7W), giving you all the legroom you'll need. Make no mistake - the MT15 is a formidable amplifier that makes a worthy addition to both PRS' and Tremonti's repertoire!


Features & Specifications:

  • Wattage - 15W/7W
  • Amp Width: 14"
  • Amp Depth: 8"
  • Amp Height: 7.25” (with feet)
  • Amp Weight: 17.8 lbs
  • Gain Channel: Gain, Master, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Clean Channel: Volume, Treble (with pull Boost), Middle, Bass 
  • Inlet: Fused Power Inlet (IEC)
  • Effects Loop: Loop Return, Loop Send
  • Extension Speaker Jacks: 3
  • Ohm Selections: 8 (x2, Parallel), 16 (x1) Ohms
  • Power Tubes: 2x 6L6GCMS 
  • Preamp Tubes: 6x JJ EC83S

PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti Signature 15W Amp Head


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