- The Marshall Echohead Digital Delay is an extremely versatile delay pedal that features HiFi, Analogue, Tape Echo, Multi Tap, Reverse, and Modulation Filter settings. With only a small footprint on your pedalboard, the EH-1 is packed full of useful features such as Tap Tempo, stereo outputs, and a huge delay time of up to 2000ms!


- From crystal-clear echoes to hypnotic reverse delays via the vintage whir of a retro tape machine, the Echohead recreates six different delay FX for you to explore. Create pulsing tones and add dense rhythmic textures to your sound. The EH-1 features a maximum delay time of 2000ms, stereo outputs, and a Tap Tempo delay input.

Marshall Echohead EH-1 Pedal


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