Ibanez TS-9B Bass Tube Screamer
  • Ibanez TS-9B Bass Tube Screamer


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    - The TS9B is the bass version of the TS9 pedal, known for its mid punch and tube distortion. The TS9B provides you with the legendary Tube Screamer effect as well as extra options that really help a bass player out. With the Mix knob you can adjust the rate between distortion and a clean sound and instead of having just one tone knob, this pedal offers you separate bass and treble knobs.


    - Celebrities like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Noel Gallagher have used the Tube Screamer many times. The Tube Screamer is very popular among blues and rock musicians because of its mid punch and warm tube distortion. During the rise of heavy metal music in the beginning of the '80s, Tube Screamer pedals were used a lot to give distortion character. With the TS9B, you can do anything you like!


    Features & Specifications:

    • Robust housing
    • Colour: green
    • Treble, bass, level, drive and mix knobs
    • Treble: manipulates frequencies above 2 kHz
    • Bass: manipulates frequencies below 100 Hz
    • Level: adjusts volume of the output signal
    • Drive: intensity of the distortion
    • Mix: determines the rate between cleans and distorted sound
    • Indicator light for battery status
    • Large button
    • Power supply: 9-volt battery or AC adapter (Ibanez AC-109)
    • Dimensions: 124 x 74 x 53 mm
    • Weight: 570 grams