The Gibson SG. Every guitarist knows one when they see it. And with good reason. This Gibson SG Standard is a shining example of why these guitars are some of the most revered in the world. The sleek body, comfortable neck, and finely crafted contours make it a modern day king, and its tone is beyond exceptional. Two Gibson 490 humbuckers in the neck and bridge give it plenty of firepower and crisp, articulate tone for an exceptional sound. With them, you'll be rocking like the legends who used this model throughout the decades.


Classic design, modern features. This model is the perfect blend of old and new, offering the same playing experience which the SGs of old, but with modern day reliability. You'll feel those vintage vibes coming to your fingers as you make your way across the smooth, supreme fretboard. Whether you're into blues or straight up rock 'n' roll, this guitar will satisfy your every desire.


This guitar has been restrung and set up in store, no dings or bangs, a credit to its former owner.

Gibson SG Standard USA 2011