Hard case included!


The Fender PM-2E is an all-solid-mahogany parlour acoustic guitar offering premium tone without the premium price tag.  The small, 12-fret body shape and all-mahogany construction offer a roots-y tone with a warm and punchy sound and with built-in electronics you plug-in and play straight out of the box.

Parlour Body

Parlour-style acoustic guitars have been around for centuries and remain popular for their distinct tone and feel. Not only is it smaller than your average acoustic, the 12th-fret neck join actually moves the bridge further back as well. The result is a focused, punchier sound with excellent midrange response. Parlours can be used in a wide range of applications but they really excel at fingerstyle folk and blues genres.

The body of the PM-2E is entirely mahogany, a tonewood which complements the parlour shape thanks to its natural warmth and midrange emphasis. The body is paired with a mahogany neck with an Ovangkol fingerboard which has a flat 15.75" fingerboard radius.

Built-In Electronics

The PM-2E features built-in electronics so you can plug-in-and-play right out of the box. Simply plug into your amp, PA, or audio interface and you're ready to start performing or recording. You can make quick adjustments with the onboard volume, bass, and treble controls. There's also a built-in phase switch as well as a tuner so you can make sure you're always in tune.

Fender PM-2E Parlor