- The Carlsbro Sherwood 60R Acoustic Combo Amplifier delivers warmth and clarity to your performances, and is ideal for soloists who require a microphone and acoustic guitar. Equipped with an output of 60 watts, acoustic guitar jack input, microphone XLR input, 4 band EQ, multi effects, and many more. With all these features the unit is very simple to operate, and includes a user manual.The Sherwood 60R incorporates a tiltback cabinet design, which allows the unit to be angled to achieve the ultimate volume projection whilst performing. Its unique appearance provides a vintage feel, that many guitarists admire.


Features & Specifications:

  • Ideal for Soloists with Guitar and Microphone
  • 60 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • Comprehensive Instrument and Vocal Channels
  • Stylish Design, with Multi Effects, EQ and many Other Features
  • Tiltback Cabinet for Optimum Volume Projection

Carlsbro Sherwood 60R Acoustic Combo Amp